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The Elder Scrolls VII:




I. Journey to the Big City:

Travel to Citadel, talk to the king on the 2nd floor of the castle.

II. Fighting for the Good of the People:

After speaking with the king, he tells you to join the fighters guild and learn to use your weapons.The fighter guild is in the Arena in Citadel.  You will fight an initiation fight and then
3 ranked arena battles , before you can fight for the title of champion.

III. Return to the King:

After receiving the Fighter Guild Champion Award, you will need to return to the 2nd floor of the castle and speak with the king once again.

IV. Arcain Practices:

The king sends you to Rainwood to join the Mages Guild, and learn the art of magical combat.
First travel to Rainwood, enter the University and speak to the headmaster of the school.

Tallfield Terror-
The headmaster sends you to Tallfield to clear the graveyard in town of an invading force of the undead, Kill all the undead and return to the University for further instructions.

Trouble in Blighton-
The headmaster sends you to Blighton to stop necromancers from attacking the town.Upon completion return to the university and speak to the headmaster again. And your first spell has been unlocked in his office for you.

Cave Relics-
The headmaster now tells you of a book that is needed to build a cullis gate to get to the plain of Oblivion where Lucian is hiding. This book is located inside the necromancers hideout, which is in a cave in Rainwood Forest. Retrieve the book and return it to the headmaster. Now your next spell has been unlocked in the headmasters office.

Elder Knowledge-
Upon returning the book the headmaster finds that the location of the Elder Scroll needed to complete the cullis gate is a Daedric Shrine inside a cave off the coast of Southern Reach.
Once you get to Southern Reach you will have to talk to Hank the Farmhand in order to fix a bridge to get to the island cave. After talking to Hank at Letcher Farm, you will have to travel to Springsvale to buy a Tool from the shop. Then return to The coast of Southern Reach to give Hank the Tool. Once the bridge is fixed you can access the island cave.
Now that you are inside the cave you will need to find the Daedric Shrine the headmaster told you about, the Daedra want you to find Mehrunes Razor inside the cave and bring it to him.
After you give him the blade he will give you the Elder Scroll, return to the university and drop the Elder Scroll off with the headmaster. Once you have done this your final spell will be unlocked, and the headmaster will tell you to meet him at the castle to consult the king.

V. It Takes a Thief:

After returning to the castle the king will now send you acquire a special type of Amethyst needed to finish construction of the cullis gate. You must travel to Springsvale to join the Theives Guild located in the well behind the corner shop in town.

Daylight Robbery-
The Guild Leader want to see if you will make a thief first, so he sends you to Citadel to steal something from a house while the owner is home. After completing the task you will return to the Guild so that the Guild Leader may take his share of the loot.

Pocket Shopping-
Now the Guild Leader will send you to do a pick pocket job in Rainwood, pick the marks pocket and defend yourself against attacking guards once again. Then return to the Guild and let the Guild Master take his cut of your take.

Stealing the City-
Now that the Guild Leader has witnessed your skill he will send you  to Tallfield to hit 3 houses in one job. These houses are not marked on your map so you will have to do the foot work on this one. Upon completion return to the Guild.

Thick as Thieves-
When you return the Guild Leader will take his usual cut of the profits and tell you he knows what you are there for. In order for the Guild Leader to give you the Amethyst you will have to get his brother out of the castle jail in Citadel. Travel to the 2nd floor of the castle and pay the 150 gold to have the thief released from jail. Then return to the Guild to get the  Amethyst, then return the Amethyst to the king in the castle.

VI. Bond of Darkness:

When you drop off the amethyst the king tells you that one more item needed to activate cullis gate a book that only the Dark Brotherhood possesses. The entrance to the Dark Brotherhood Guild is in the graveyard in Tallfield.

Darkest Hour-
The speaker must first test your loyalty by sending you to fulfill a contract in Blighton. Kill the man in Blighton and return to the Sanctuary in Tallfield.

Not All Bad-
Now you are being sent to Tallfield Tavern to intimidate a man that is harassing a woman there.
Then return to the Sanctuary to receive you next task.

By way of Shadow-
The next contract is a hit on a posh man in Rainwood, kill the mark and return to the Speaker.

Hit List-
Now the Speaker has given you a 3 hit contract in Citadel, this will require you to, once again, do your own foot work to find the marks. After completing the contracts, return to the sanctuary.

Book of Shadows-
After completing the contract and returning to the sanctuary, the speaker will promote you to his position and award you with the book the king spoke of that is needed to activate the cullis gate.
Return the book to the king on the castle 2nd floor.

VII. Storming Hell:

Now that the cullis gate is active you can travel to Oblivion and find Lucian. The cullis gate is on the second floor of the castle.

Southern Hospitality-
After traveling to Oblivion you will have to make your way to Lucians Fortress, follow the other gateways until you reach Lucians Fortress.

Enter the fortress and make your way to the court yard. Defend yourself against a massive wave of necromancers and orcs, while trying to defeat Lucian. After defeating Lucian you will be transported back to the castle in Citadel.

                                                   SIDE QUESTS

Opening side Quests:

A cure for what ALES you-
location: Springsvale
NPC: Inn keeper
description: speak to the inn keeper, buy a premium ale from the tavern, take it to the inn keeper.

location: Springsvale
NPC: Farmer
description: speak to the farmer, cut the wood from the tree and stack it in the wood box.

Daedric Side Quests:

location:Rainwood Forest
NPC: Sheogorath
description: Bring a skooma back to Sheogorath

Mehrune Daegon-
location: hollowood Forest
NPC: Mehrune Daegonj
description: bring him a piece of dead human (dig spot in Tallfield graveyard)

location: Hollowood Mine
NPC: Vaernima
description: drink the skooma in the chest and defend yourself against a fatal trip

location: Rosenshade Road
NPC: Meridia
description: steal the soul gems from the cathedral of dremora and give it to Meridia.

Molag Bal-
location: Blighton Road
NPC: Mogal Bal
description: Survive the onslaught of enemies in Molag Bal's Arena

location: Obsidian Lake
NPC: Hercine
description: kill the dremora guardians to activate the giant soul gem in the oblivion plain.

location:Island Cave (Southern Reach)
NPC: Malacath
description: find Mehrunes Razor and bring it to Malacath
(Quest completed as part of Arcain University StoryLine Quests.)

Hermaeus Mora-
NPC:Hermaeus Mora
description: answer the daedric trivia questions correctly.

Nocturnal-(available after thieves guild story line quests are complete)
location: Thieves Guild
NPC: Nocturnal
description: solve the puzzle and find nocturnals gift.

Post Guild Quests:

Albion Arena-
location: Fighter Guild (Citadel)
NPC: Guild Master
description: survive 6 waves of enemy onslaught, and defeat Thunder

Necro Hunter-
location: Arcain University
NPC: Mage in rec. room.
description: travel to reported locations and kill the remaining necromancers.

Once a Theif-
location: Thieves Guild
NPC: Guild Leaders Brother (rec. room)
description: Steal the ring from the shop inside the castle in Citadel and return it to the thief.

Unfinished Business-
location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
NPC: Dark Brotherhood Assassin
description: travel to Blighton and kill the thugs harassing the shop owner.

Albion Trivia-
location: Fighters Guild
NPC: Jack of Blades
description: Answer the Albion Trivia question right.

Herbology Class-
location:Alchemy Wing (Arcain University)(Rainwood)
NPC: Alchemy Professor
description: Read the mixture off the sign, identify the plants in the green house, find the correct plants in the habitat room, then return to the professor with them. Next brew the items with the alchemist to create the potion.

Arcain Elements-
location: Arcain University (Hall of Elements)
description: enter the hall of elements and activate each of the elemental shrines.

Arcain Trivia-(speech at level 30)
location: Arcain University Hall of Elements
description: answer the questions the mages asks you about the College in Skyrim.

Thieves Trivia-(speech at level 30)
location: Thieves Guild (springsvale)
NPC: Bartender
description: answer the questions the bartender asks you.

Tom Theivery-(speech at level 40)
location: Theives Guild
NPC: Bartender
description: Travel to Rainwood steal the weaponsmiths shop deed and stashed loot, then return to the bartender in the Thieves Guild.

Child of darkness-
location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
NPC: Night Mother
description: Travel to the fighters guild in Citadel and kill Nicholia then return to the Night Mother.

Darkness VS Evil-
location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
NPC: Night Mother
description: Travel to the Cathedral of Dremora on Rosenshade Road Map and kill the dremora priest, then return to the Night Mother.

Orcish Assassination-
location:  Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
NPC:  Night Mother
description: Travel to SE inland, find the orcish stronghold (cave), kill the orc leader and 
then return to the Night Mother.

Merlin's Scavenger Hunt-
location: Supply Room (arcain university) (rainwood)
description: follow the clues to find the key.

                      hollowood forest
                      serenity springs
                      clearwater valley
                      rosenshade road
                      blackwood hollow

Librarian Quest-
location: Arcain University (Rainwood)
description: recover the items specified       locations: NE Inland
                                                                                    Blackwood Hollow
                                                                                    SE Inland     cave
                                                                                    Rainwood Forest      cave

Magic Delivery-
location: Arcain University Alchemy WIng
NPC: Wanda
description: Take Wanda's scroll to Randy in the Hall of Elements in the Arcain University

Forbidden Love-
location:Thieves Guild
NPC: Victoria
description: take Victoria's letter to Ethan in the Mercenaries Guild

Post Oblivion Side Quest

(unlocked upon completing the main questline)

Chesty's Game-
location: Lucians Fortress (Oblivion) (castle cullis gate)
NPC: Chesty
description: Travel to Lucian's Fortress once again, and play a game with chesty.

Church Questline

(unlocked upon completing the main questline)

The Path of the Light-
location: Chapel on Citadel
NPC: Priest
description: talk to the priest and donate to the fountain on the alter.

Helpful Blessings-
location: Castle Basement (Chapel)
NPC: Father Marcus
description: Drop the Holy Water Phial off at the Chapel in Citadel w/ Father Terry

The Gift of Charity-
location: Castle Basement (Chapel)
NPC: Father Marcus
description: Take the food and supplies to a needy person in Blighton.

The Lord's Favor-
location: Castle Basement (Chapel)
NPC: Father Marcus
description: Donate 200 gold to the church to receive the blessing.

The Pilgrimage-
location: Citadel Chapel
NPC: Father Terry
descrption:  travel to the locations and copy the monument text then return to father terry
locations:    Rainwood Forest
                   Serenity Springs Cave
                   Blackwood Mountains 
                    Clearwater Grove
                   Southern Reach Cave

Soup Kitchen-
location: Citadel Chapel
NPC: Father Terry
description: donate 3000 gold to build a sup kitchen in blighton for the needy.

Blackwood Side Quests:

Blackwood Manor-
location: Blackwood Manor (Blackwood Hollow)
NPC: Administration Vampire (Office 1st floor)
description: help out around the manor. (start the Lycanthropist Quest first)

location: Blackwood Hollow
NPC: Werewolf
description: find a cure for the werewolf and bring it back to him. (Blackwood Manor Basement)

The Hollow Courier-
location: Blackwood Manor Basement 2
NPC: Lestat
description: talk to lestat, then travel to Blackwood Mountains and pick up the Artifact and return it to Lestat.

The Cursed Blade-
location: Blackwood Hollow
NPC: cursed mage
description: talk to the cursed mage to find out about the Shadow Forge

Immortal Thirst-
location: Blackwood Manor Basement
NPC: Drake
description: Bring Drake a Blood Reserve from the shop keeper in BLackwood Hollow.

House Side Quest:

House of Mystery-
location: Brimstone Manor (Rosenshade Road)
description: sleep in the bed on the second floor, escape the basement alive

Treasure Hunters Side Quests:

Serenity Springs Recovery Service-
location: Serenity Springs
NPC: Eddie
description: speak to eddie, purchase a tool from the shop in Springsvale, return the tool to eddie, take the boat to the island. Retrieve Eddies statue from the cave, and use the boat to return to the camp.

location: Serenity Springs
NPC: Sam
description: get the well key from sam, unlock the well behind the house in Serenity Springs, and retrieve the item, then return it to sam for your reward.

Dwemer Tendancies-
location: Serenity Springs
NPC: Sam
Prerequisite: Archaeologists Ring
description: Travel to Hollowood Mine and find the amethyst vein and mine an amethyst for Sam.

Clearwater Valley Side Quests:

Kara's Quest-
location: Clearwater Valley
NPC: Kara
description: locate, on the map, where kara lost her ring and retrieve it, then return it to her.

Elven Secrets-
location: Clearwater Valley
NPC: Drin
description: Find the item Drin told you about in Clearwater Grove, them return the item to him.

Traveling Tradesman Quest-
location: Clearwater Valley
NPC: Shopkeeper
description: take the items to the shops - locations: Rainwood
                                                                                 Clearwater Valley

Citadel Guard Questline:

(Remember to pick up your reward after each guard quest from the Castle Treasury in the basement)

Guard Duty-
location:Castle (Basement)
NPC: Guard Recruiter
description: Complete the training coarse in the castle basement. then speak to the recruiter

Tallfield Troll Attack-
location:Castle Basement
NPC:Guard Recruiter
description: Travel to Tallfield and kill all the trolls in the reported areas, check your map in Tallfield

Rainwood Robberies-
location: Castle Basement
NPC: Guard Recruiter
description: Travel to Rainwood and search the reported area on your map for bandit, rid the town of their burden, then return to the Recruiter

Break the Siege-
location:Castle Basement
NPC: Guard Recruiter
description: Break the bandit siege in Citadel and destroy the camp set up just outside the city wall

Bounty Hunter Missions-
  prerequisite: Citadel Guard Letter of Acceptance
                              target locations: SW Inland
                                                                            Obsidian Lake
                                                                            NE Inland
                                                                            * Southern Reach
                                                                              SW Inland
                                                                              Rosenshade Road

Tavern Trivia

(Trivia games are unlocked once the hero reaches speech level 20)

Trivia locations:





Serenity Springs

Tavern Side Quests

(Tavern side quest are unlocked once the hero reaches speech level 10)

Troll Infestation-
location: Tallfield Tavern
NPC: Bartender
description: kill all the trolls infesting the bakery in Tallfield

Rainwood Recovery-
location: Rainwood Tavern
NPC: Bartender
description: recover the shop owners deed from the bandits hiding in Rainwood Forest.

Helping Out-
location: Citadel Tavern
NPC: Bartender
description: take the bartenders letter to the king, then drop the pages off at the Arcain University.

Bandit Raid-
location:Springsvale Tavern
NPC: Bartender
description: Kill the bandits invading Springsvale Farm.

Misc, Quests

The Runner-
location: Tallfield (Skooma Den)
NPC: Dave the Villager
description: Do a few favors for Dave in Tallfield

"The Wetting of Ones Whistle"-
location: Castle 2nd Floor (rec room) (Citadel)
description: Bring the guard a Premium Ale from The Prancing Pony in the Castle Basement.

Samantha Jones-
location: Rainwood
NPC: Samantha
description: Bring Samantha a skooma.

Tasty Treat-
location: Citadel
NPC: Gretchen
description: Bring Gretchen a roast that her son made, he works at The Prancing Pony (Castle Basement)

Heirloom Recovery-
location: Blighton
NPC: Tori
description: Find Tori's dead husband's ring somewhere in the Blackwood Region.

Sweet Tooth-
location: Tallfield
NPC: Link
description: Bring Link a Sweet Roll from Tallfield Bakery.

Dark Worship-
location: Cathedral of Dremora (Rosenshade Road)
NPC: Dremora Preist
description: obtain the Gargoyles Wing from the burial chamber in the basement of Blackwood Manor, and return it to the Cathedral


Donation Delivery-
location: Clearwater Valley
description: take the donated books to the arcain University in Rainwood

Sharon's Fix-
decription: bring sharon a skooma

location: Blackwood Hollow
NPC: Gmork
description: bring Gmork a tool to fix his roof

Light Armor Repair-
location:Clearwater VAlley
NPC:Elven Gaurd
description: bring the elven guard a tool to fix his armor

Premium Delivery-
location:Serenity Springs
NPC: Jerith
description:bring jerith a premium ale

Ancient Brew-
NPC: Sheena the Barmaid
description: track down the 7 bottles of ancient nordic mead and return them to the tavern in springsvale   

   locations: blackwood manor basement
                   arcain university alchemy wing
                   Frozen island (from treasure hunters camp)
                   letcher farm (southern reach)
                   NE Inland
                   Citadel castle 2nd floor
                   Driftwood (blackwood hollow quest) 

SHOP CHALLENGES        - must have ring of barter to access shop challenges-

Items Shop Challenge: Serenity Springs (must first complete church pilgrimage)
list: tool, ring forging kit (Clearwater Valley shopkeeper)

Magic Shop Challenge: Blighton Road
list: yeast, skooma, wormwood(Arcain University Alchemy Wing)

Weapon Shop Challenge: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (must have storyline complete for guild)     list: bag of ingots, tool

Traveling Trader Shop Challenge: Obsidian Lake  
list: tool' bag of ingots, dragon scale (traveling trader in NW Inland)

Tavern Shop Challenge: Mercenaries Guild
list:skooma, Premium Ale, sativ rose (Arcain University Alchemy Wing)

Food Shop Challenge: Prancing Pony (Citadel Castle Basement)
list:flour,elven ears, premium ale

Challenge Items locations:  Arcain University Alchemy Wing:        Elven Ears, 
                                                                                                      Sativ Rose, 

                                                   Citadel Smithing Company:         Bag of Ingots
                                                                    Tallfield Bakery:         Flour

                                                        Misc. Items: SKooma-            Citadel Tavern
                                                                                                      Tallfield Skooma Den

                                                                            Tool-                 Springsvale item shop

                                                                            Premium Ale-     Springsvale tavern
                                                                                                     Prancing Pony Castle Basement

                                NOTE: All misc. items are available to buy from traveling traders.

Mercenaries Guild
(unlocked upon completion of main questline)

Arms Dealer-
location: Merc. Guild
NPC:Geoff Ravensdale
description:deliver the weapons shipment to Springsvale

Animal Control-
location:Merc. Guild
NPC: Geoff Ravensdale
description:kill the trolls invading Letcher Farm( Southern Reach)

High Value Target-
location: Merc. Guild
NPC: Geoff Ravensdale
description: Capture the bandit bounty in the obsidian lake area.

Bandit Raid I-
location: Merc. Guild
NPC: Geoff Ravensdale
description: clear the bandits from the SW Inland bandit camp

Bandit Raid II-
location: Merc. Guild
NPC: Geoff Ravensdale 
description: Clear the bandits from the Southern Reach Bandit Camp

Bandit Leader Locations-
location: Merc. Guild
NPC: Geoff Ravensdale
description: search NW Inland for the bandit leader

Rescue Vallory Ravensdale-
location: merc. Guild
NPC: Geoff Ravensdale
description: rescue Vallory from the Bandit Leader in NE Inland

Brothers in Arms-
location: Merc. Guild
NPC: Paolo
description: kill the gang of orcs that have set up camp in Blackwood Mountains

Mercenary Mail-
location: Merc. Guild
NPC: Brok
description: deliver broks letter to Clay in the guild tavern at night

Demon Door Quests
(must have Ring of Dark Patronage)

Southern Reach Cave: Bring the Demon Door 3 skoomas

Hollowood Mine: Defeat the minions.

Serenity Springs Cave: Buy Rainwood estate, Blackwood estate, and Brimstone estate

Rainwood Forest Cave: Have 10000 gold balance

Frozen Island Cave: Have all 8 magic rings.