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The Elder Scrolls VII:



SHOP WEAPONS                       SHOP SHIELDS:                     MAGIC:                                            HEALTH                                        

Short sword         5 dam.                Wood               5 def.        Flare                        10 dam              Cabbage                                 10 hp
Long Sword         8                         Iron                  8               Flame                       21                      Ale                                          15
Axe                      7                         Steel              12               Inferno                      30                     Baked Potato                           15   
Cleaver              15                         Bonemold      15                                                                         Wiggenweld Potion                  20
Broad Sword      15                         Imperial         17               Chill                            9                      Steamed Onions                      25
Claymore           20                         Tempered      20               Freeze                     20                      Grilled Leeks                           30
Greataxe            22                         Obsidian        22               Deep Cryo               34                      Premium Mead                        30
Greatsword        25                                                                                                                            Fresh Baked Bread                 35
Forsworn           11                                                                   Jolt                          12                      Beef Brisket                             40
Steel mace        15                                                                   Bolt                         18                       Alabaster Potion                      40
Master mace      20                                                                  Desinti Great           32                      Kingsfoil                                  60
Master axe         27                                                                                                                            Balmora Blue                           65
                                                                                                Arcain Fire              15                       Mages Healing Satchel            80
                                                                                                Arcain Ice                16                       Elixer of Eminent Healing       100
                                                                                                Arcain Lightning      17                       Sweet Roll                               30
                                                                                                                                                          Blackberry Mead                     50

Excaliber  dam-15
location: NW Inland map south side of river in some trees.

Grim  dam-13
location: Rainwood chest game

Wraith  dam-17
location: Blighton chest game

The Bandit King  dam-24
location: Southern Reach cave (in chest)

Albions Bane   dam-27
location: Rainwood house for sale (in chest)

Claymore of the Order   dam-21
location: Castle Room on 2nd floor (Citadel)

Pestilence   dam-27
location: Oblivion (in chest before you cross the river)

Ebony Sword   dam-31
location: Lucian's Fortress ( "Chesty's Game" Side Quest)

Avo's Tear   dam-33
location: Chapel in Citadel (Donate 1000 gold to the font, available after church pilgrimage quest is complete)

Solus Greatsword   dam-36
location: Castle Treasury in basement, (Complete the Citadel Guard Questline)

Molag Bal's Mace   dam-25
location: Blighton Road (Daedric Quest) (Molag Bal)

Ronoke Axe   dam-33
location: Tom Trickery's (Thieves Guild) (Springsvale)

The Blade of Black Souls    dam-37
location: Shadow Forge (driftwood)

Assassin's Short Blade:   dam-30
location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, (1500 gold   SHOP CHALLENGE)


Skorm's Shield   def-15
location: Rainwood Forest Cave  cave (unlocked during Arcain University Questline)

War   def-10
location: Hollowood Forest (Mehrune Daegon Quest)

Emerald Shield   def-17
location: Serenity Springs (Samethyst Quest)

Shield of the Order   def-20
location:  Rainwood Forest (Sheogorath Quest)

Dwemer Shield    def-25
location: Blackwood Hollow house for sale

Daedric Shield    def-30
location: Shop in Serenity Springs 8500 gold

Dragonscale Shield   def-27
location: Traveling trader/ Obsidian Lake 2500

Ebony Shield    def-29
location: Demon Door (Frozen Island)


Wrath of Dremora    dam-35
location: Cathedral of Dremora side quest (Rosenshade Road) 

Thor's Vengeance    dam-37
location: Tom Trickery's (Thieves Guild) (Springsvale) 

Glacius     dam-39
location: supply room (arcain university) (Rainwood)

Ring of Guile  (purchase from shop in Blackwood Manor 2nd floor  for 1000 gold) must be a level 5
effect: Allows you to steal from houses and shops without being under contract by the Thieves Guild.
location: Blackwood Manor 2nd Floor,
upgrade- Mercenaries Guild (Citadel)

Alchemists Ring: 
effect: Allows you to harvest Dragons Sage from certain plant in house and rooms you own
location: Brimstone Manor basement (available to purchase after the Blackwood Manor Questline)

Ring of Waterbreathing: (purchase from shopkeeper in Arcain University Main Wing for 2000 gold) must be a level 10
effects: Allows you to find dive spots throughout the world, these spots will be marked by a small wooden dock in a body of water.
location: arcain university (Rainwood) 

Archaeologist's Ring: (purchase from van helsing (at night) for 2500 gold) must be a level 15
effects: Allows you to excavate cave walls for treasure, these spots are marked by a out of place pile of rock in the cave walls.
location: serenity springs tavern

Ring of Escape
location: Tom Trickery's (Thieves Guild) (Springsvale)
effects: allows you to teleport directly to your bed in  springsvale for quick free healing.

Ring of Barter
effect: allows you to barter with traveling traders throughout the world
location: Thieve's Guild ,purchase for 2000 gold from the guild master (speech skill must be at 60}
upgrade- Thieves Guild (Springsvale)

Guardian's Ring  (purchase from shopkeeper in serenity springs) must first finish the church pilgrimage
effects: allows you to heal at holy monuments around the world.
location: Serenity Springs (shop)   SHOP CHALLENGE
upgrade- Citadel Chapel

Ring of Dark Patronage
effects: allows you to access demon door quests (demon doors are found in caves)
location: Thieve's Guild (Nocturnal quest)
upgrade- Dark brotherhood Sanctuary (Tallfield)


 Potion ingredients can be bought- tallfield, springsvale, rainwood, arcain university. blighton, citadel, blackwood, and citadel castle

Cooking ingredients can be bought- springsvale, tallfield, clearwater, serenity springs, blackwood,rainwood, and citadel